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TEST that promise to find food that helps you put on or lose weight
WARNING about TESTs that promise to find food that helps you put on or lose weight

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The Pan-Hellenic Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, with a sense of responsibility towards the citizens, is trying to inform and draw their attention to the various tests that have been going on lately and promise to identify both fattening and weakening foods.

More specifically, the famous "intolerance test" promises to identify the foods that are fattening us and those that weaken us.

But for what intolerance are we talking about?
The most likely related terms are "food intolerance" and "trophic hypersensitivity".

According to the scientific literature, "food intolerance" refers to the disorder of the body's physiology after consumption of a nutritional ingredient and is due to metabolic problems of this component.

Classical examples of intolerance are lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance (celiac disease). Literally, there is no authoritative report that gives the hope that handling these intolerances will lead to weight loss.

Some people, however, "baptize" as food intolerance, "food hypersensitivity" which refers to a delayed allergic reaction from nutritional components whose symptoms may appear to occur within a few hours or days.

In the food hypersensitivity, the immune system is involved, namely G-IgG (IgG), which are determined by a test. But trophic hypersensitivity is basically allergic food reactions to people with more classic symptoms of pruritus and digestive disorders.

Their symptomatology may include the aggravation of chronic inflammation of the organism (eg arthritis, chronic rhinitis, etc.) or it may be a condition for the development of irritable bowel syndrome, dermatopathies, etc. However, under no circumstances will we find a scientifically- to conclude that food hypersensitivity, what some people mean as "trophic intolerance," leads to obesity and that it is enough to remove from the diet the foods that the test tells us to lose weight.

The position of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists is that no commercial tests on the market (tests of intolerance, allergy, DNA, genetic analysis of foods or any other) is not an effective way to reduce body weight.

It is very important that the diet - diet is fully adapted to the needs and requirements of the individual.

An inappropriate - uncontrolled diet can have serious health effects.

At the same time there is the possibility of sending an e-mail program for people who can not visit the Dietetic Center.

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